Photography: our point of view on the world

An essential part of our work goes through photography. From artistic portraiture to fashion photography, to advertising visuals. 3dmlstudio provides the customer with a highly personalized service that includes management of the photographic set, lighting setup, advanced photo editing, and post-production. In a world where digital has opened up the doors of the image, making increasingly effective programs and tools accessible to all, photography has lost part of its aura to become generalized practice. But in the flow of pre-packaged images and artistic improvisation, professional photography turns out to be even more precious, unmistakable in terms of technique and quality.
From black and white to color photos, from analog to digital, 3dmlstudio evaluates with the client the ideal techniques for interpreting the project. In particular, we can create for you:
– Photographic services in the studio or agreed locations. After an initial design phase, we carry out the indoor or outdoor shooting, with the preparation of original sets. The settings can be made to measure or obtained digitally, based on the individual project and customer requests. The photo retouching and post-production phases follow, all taken care of internally.
– Still life of products for catalogs and advertising. The Still Life technique allows you to photograph inanimate objects placed on backgrounds and surfaces. It is particularly useful for the presentation of products in catalogs or advertising campaigns. But it can also be used in combination with 3d rendering or for architectural photomontage purposes.

-Photography of interiors and living environments. Interior photography plays a crucial role in sectors such as interior design. Fundamental to the purpose of its success is the study and preparation of the lighting, as well as the correct framing. This type of photography can also make use of photo insertion or the realization in 3d of non-existent or potential settings.
– Professional shots for advertising campaigns. The experience of our team also embraces the field of art direction and communication. At the customer’s request, we create images and photographs for advertising in all its forms. Press, posting, brochures, websites, and social media. We can also study personalized creativity based on the needs of the brand.
– Fashion photography. The fashion image is distinguished by a particular allure and a special seductive power. To obtain them, an extreme mastery of the set and the tools available is required. Through a careful design and set-up phase, we develop a concept to work on. The shooting phase requires the inspiration and personality of the eye. However, all subsequent steps are carried out within the agency.
In each of these services, we accompany the client from the conceptual study phase to the actual realization of the photographic shot and the subsequent post-production process. A complete and linear path followed step by step, by a tested team. Because it takes years of experience to make the most of the effect of an instant



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