February 9, 2022


Whether it’s engineering, automotive, product design, mechatronics, media, entertainment, scenography, cinema, fashion design, applied science, biomedical, the rule is always one: if you can’t model it, you can’t print it! 3D CAD modeling in a virtual design environment has become a fundamental and symbolic reality of the times we are living in, times in which the transition between bits and atoms and atoms and bits is continuous and where the boundary lines between the two worlds always become thinner …

I offer you my quality 3D modeling services for companies or individuals.
The profession of freelance 3D modeler consists of 3D modeling all types of objects on 3D modeling software called 3D modeler. The 3D models can then be used for different purposes such as the creation of 3D computer graphics, images, or 3D animations, they can be imported into real-time 3D or pre-calculated 3D engines for photorealistic rendering or for 3D printing.

3D modeling is one of the many services made available by the studio for its customers … but what does it actually consist of?

We start from a design idea of ​​a design object or a lighting. After having designed the “heart” of this object it is necessary to give it a dress, an aesthetic aspect that makes an object even more attractive. On the other hand, the aesthetic aspect also affects the sale of a product.

This is 3D modeling! From an idea, from a project on paper, we move on to the virtual realization of the final model where it is possible to understand any defects in this dress, which materials to choose, and also how to best present the product for sale.

We think of a design object where the final appearance is very important in order to sell the product. Before proceeding to the realization of a prototype that involves a considerable cost, or to the production of the final product, it is always better to have a clear image of what will be created.

On the side, you can see an example of a virtual model of an electro-medical product. The work was carried out starting from simple reference photos, measurements, and customer indications. An accurate 3D model consequently produces an excellent final 3D render that in this case has even surpassed the original already made in beauty!

What are the cases this service can be really useful? For example, industrial rendering is in great demand for machinery and its operation, for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, or mobile rendering. It is a useful service for designing and selling furniture items in general in the best possible way. 3D modeling is also widely used to make jewelry renderings or automotive rendering.

3D graphic modeling is a useful service in many cases where the prototype cannot be made both for economic and time reasons (industrial rendering is a very common example). With this service, we can correct and improve the product in real-time and thanks to 3D graphic modeling everything happens in a very short time, with advantages for those who produce and for those who buy.

In order to view many of the works carried out by the studio over the years, you can visit our portfolio.

3dmlstudio offers a high-quality 3D modeling service to help planners, designers, individuals, and clients to realize their projects, saving money and precious time.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modeling is the first and essential link in the long chain of Digital Fabrication. If I don’t have CAD modeling I can’t talk about Digital Fabrication. This is why it is so important: it guarantees mathematical precision, ease, and speed of modification of a project, creation of shapes that only a madman could think of doing by hand.
However, CAD modeling is not easy. Over time, many virtual modeling environments have evolved, where sinuous and intricate shapes come to life in ethereal digital spaces, whose frames are the XY and Z axes. Mastering these environments is not easy, as already mentioned, and requires dedication. , patience, in-depth study.

3dmlstudio offers you a team of experts in these mysterious arts of the future, able to realize your projects in a few hours.
We will take care of everything, and the “dirty” and demanding work will be carried out scrupulously by our masters of digital art and technology, with intermediate checks by you in our work, in order to allow you to monitor the exact development of the model in real-time. All this is to offer you a professional modeling service, like those offered in the most advanced Architecture and Design studios. The more detailed you are in the information we need to carry out your project, the faster and more precise we will be in executing it, faithful to the original idea, yours.
Depending on your needs, we will use different CAD modeling software, included in the main categories of virtual modeling environments:


Choose this option if your model is a form borrowed from nature: humans, characters, humanoids, animals, plants, rocks, biological creatures, shapes inspired by biomimicry, fabrics, and textures of all kinds of natural origin. The software in this category, above all Zbrush and Autodesk Maya, guarantee excellent results in the fields of artistic sculpture, and the entertainment industry (cinema, video games, illustrations). This software work starts from an initial block of deformable virtual material and imitates clay sculpting and sculpting in the real world.


Choose this option if you intend to commission us a project of architecture, urban planning, product design, and in general any project consisting of mathematical and geometric elements and not of artistic decorations. The world of professional software in this category is really vast: above all McNeel Rhinoceros, Cinema 4d, Autodesk Alias, Autodesk Autocad. Rhinoceros, in particular, working with T-splines curves that create incredibly sinuous and customizable NURBS surfaces, is particularly suitable for design projects with unique shapes and studied in every detail.


If you have the particular need to obtain a model that can be continuously modified according to your work needs, have no doubts: you need to resort to parametric CAD modeling. This is a particular type of geometric modeling that assigns a list of characteristics to the created object, which can be modified at any time. Changes can also be assigned to a detailed feature of the object, leaving its overall shape unchanged. The classic example is a screw that will be applied in different and unpredictable contexts from time to time; in this case, it will be necessary to intervene parametrically on characteristics such as pitch, diameter, length, according to specific needs. Working in this sense involves a considerable saving in terms of time (the changes are very fast) but at the same time a more cumbersome process in the realization of complex shapes. It is in fact a modeling style used mainly in fields such as mechanics, mechatronics, engineering. Typical modelers of this type are SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor. The Grasshopper plug-in makes the Rhinoceros software parametric and algorithmically responsive.

3dmlstudio offers a 3d modeling service aimed at obtaining the digital file only or also associated with the rapid prototyping service through additive manufacturing (3d printing), which also allows obtaining the physical object.
You choose, according to your needs.

Below we provide you with some useful tips to make our work as precise, fast, and professional as possible:

⦁ Tell us what type of CAD modeling you prefer (organic or geometric) or ask us for advice if you have any doubts.

⦁ Tell us if you need a parametric file, which can be modified over time as needed (additional cost).

⦁ Send us or bring with you a hand-drawn project, with the exact dimensions and dimensions of your model, in every detail. The ideal project shows all the orthogonal views of the model (top, bottom, right side, left side, front, rear view) plus an isometric perspective view.

⦁ If your request is a replica by CAD modeling of a real object, you must provide us with photographs of the same object taken from different angles (top, bottom, right side, left side, front, rear, perspective). The more photos we have, the more accurate we will be in modeling.

⦁ Clearly specify how many parts the entire project consists of (eg 5 bolts, a motor body, or 1 adapter, 7 fans).

⦁ Specifies whether modeling is for prototyping or whether rendering is required.

⦁ If you have special needs, first specify in which file format we have to deliver the creation. We mainly export in the following formats: STL, OBJ, PLY, STEP, IGES, 3DM, AI.


  • 3D geometric modeling
  • Organic 3D modeling
  • 3D parametric modeling (can be modified over time on request)
  • 2D vector design (shapes, shapes, plates, sections, elevations) intended for laser cutting or a cutting plotter
  • Additional rendering service of the model created
  • Control of an already modeled file for a general check and possible correction of errors for a file intended for 3d printing. We analyze files in the following formats: STL, OBJ, PLY, STEP, IGES, 3DM, AI, DWG, SVG.
  • Editing of a previously created source file. We edit files of the following formats: STL, OBJ, PLY, STEP, IGES, 3DM, AI, DWG, SVG.

The cost of the listed services will be assessed according to the specific case.





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