3d rendering explained

3D rendering or 3D rendering is a three-dimensional technique that can be used to improve the communication of your company. With 3D rendering, you can show environments, solutions, or simply industrial models more simply and effectively. This will allow you to do your job better, 3dmlstudio offers you 3D renderings to effectively communicate your product, service, or brand.

3D renderings are used in various sectors, from architecture to automotive and design. Through 3D rendering, we meet the needs of companies for which it is often necessary to rebuild the product even before it enters the production process. It is possible to use 3D rendering videos to present the characteristics of new products on the market that illustrate the potential of that product and project to make a company proposal even more captivating and convincing. Our team of experts will help you find the right key to promote your company both on the web and on social networks.

The production of 3D rendering is based on three-dimensional reconstructions created specifically to show products, machinery, constructions, or plants realistically. Depending on the purpose and the object to represent, our agency will follow you step by step in the best choice for the realization of your 3D rendering.

Each room has its own rendering: the kitchen - Innovative Rendering


A 3D rendering is therefore an image modeling technique that allows you to recreate settings, lights, and objects in a realistic way and according to your tastes. 3D rendering overcomes the limits of photography making the reality or model you want to represent perfectly. Through the creation of 3D rendering, it is possible to describe the functionality of an object or illustrate the mechanical and organic processes of a product. It is also used to present architectural structures or industrial design prototypes not yet physically built.

The 3D rendering is suitable for every need, it typically adapts to the introduction of an object from different angles and perspectives that a common real shot could not complete. For these reasons, it is highly recommended for companies that often need this service. With this technique the renderer has greater freedom to create and modify the scene, he can decide how to recreate particular settings, lights, and colors that cannot be obtained from normal shots. It is also for this reason that making 3D rendering is much more convenient in terms of costs. Our professionals will take care of directing you toward the most effective strategy to create an incisive message in the viewer.

Each company has different needs depending on the sector, the target, and the objectives set. Let’s look together at which sectors 3D rendering is most used and how and why customers use it.

3D renderings have now become indispensable in this sector, as 3D rendering is the ideal solution to show your customers the scale projects realistically and emotionally. The architectural renderings allow you to view the exteriors and interiors of a project realistically, reconstructing the entire location in detail with the implementation of furniture, accessories, and materials that make the reproduction even more immersive. In the case of external renderings, organic elements such as trees are also inserted to give the environment an even more natural look.

Rendering Living Room Private House

The interior 3D renderings, therefore, allow you to depict an interior environment like a house to give an idea of ​​the final realization, develop an interior design project and provide a preview of how the interiors of a building on site will look. The renderer models and renders environments through the 3D rendering of interiors from which he obtains highly realistic images. To set up credible furnishings we also use a vast library of 3D objects, we pay a lot of attention to detail, from lighting to textures to obtain images with a strong impact. Each element of the scene comes to life with the insertion of light points and the lighting system, the models are then integrated by applying cladding materials to the surfaces such as plaster for the walls, parquet, or tiles for the flooring, wood for doors and windows and much more.

Architectural rendering is mainly used in the real estate, trade fair, and nautical fields and today allows it to be created quickly with a particularly realistic rendering. With this technique, very useful product configurators can be built in the presentation phase of one’s commercial solutions. Think of the possibility of composing your kitchen with finishes and materials of your choice and seeing the result of your choices in real-time. Another use, intended for the real estate market, is the realization of real-time reconstructions of apartments, the customer is free to visit these virtual places using his computer. An immersive solution of indescribable effectiveness. This technology makes it possible to examine the three-dimensional scene directly, transforming the user into a visitor who is free to interact as he wishes with the surrounding environment. Through a mouse or keyboard or specially designed tools, it is possible to explore scenes and interact with objectives related to the project.


Widely used in architecture, 3D rendering allows you to preview the creation of interior furnishings or the construction of an external building. 3D rendering is the most appropriate tool for planning an interior design before it is done. Thanks to 3D rendering it is possible to fix and correct any imperfections in the design phase, helping the designer in all phases of architectural design.

The highly realistic quality of the 3D renderings has made this technique more used than photography. The use of 3D rendering satisfies both furniture companies and interior designers who want to recreate a setting for their products. The variety of products that can be modeled and inserted in virtual environments is very wide and by now the products made have a high quality of realism with particular attention to the materials used and to the architectural details.

The rendering of realistic images combined with post-production and photo insertion techniques allows you to explore a wide range of solutions. This procedure is also carried out for the 3D rendering of exteriors allows you to see the project realistically from the outside. The settings created vary from contemporary spaces to classrooms and fantastic sets.

Rendering Living room of the highest standard


For this type of rendering a less realistic 3D render is often required for the benefit of shorter production times and faster use. The events in which 3D rendering is most used are fashion events, exhibition stands, or congress halls, events that take place within a few weeks. In these cases, a 3D rendering is carried out that can show the environment from multiple angles by also implementing human figures or elements present at the event.

3D renderings are the final result of modeling, we can create suggestive settings for your events by recreating realistic and engaging scenarios and plays of light in an articulate way. Widely used for events such as fashion shows, 3D renderings will allow fashion houses to have a realistic idea of ​​what their event will be like in a very short time.

Our staff can take care of all the steps necessary for the creation of the modeling and animation of an invented 3D character. We take care of the design and conception of the model, the dubbing, the animation of the movements of the walk or poses, and nice movements. We apply clothing, eye, and skin color to the characters to allow them to come to life in the scene. We create textures, that is, we apply the various materials to the objects in question as reflective and opaque materials for the surfaces of your setting.


The purpose of the 3d render is to obtain a model, a prototype, a setting, or a character to animate. The main objective is to create what does not exist, giving life to shapes, settings, landscapes, and buildings that, through the hand of the digital artist, take on a real consistency.

It is possible to create a prototype in 3D modeling starting from a drawing, the more detailed the drawing will be, the more realistic its three-dimensional version will be. The prototype is then animated showing the product from all angles, it is animated to show the working process of the product. 3D prototypes are used in many sectors precisely because it is very useful to show a product or its functioning even before it comes to light.

3D animation allows you to immerse yourself in the product, exploring its interior, admiring its components, and giving value and thickness. The secret of a good 3D render consists in the detailed simulation of each type of material, it is important to set all the parameters of the material such as the degree of reflection, the type of transparency, and opacity. The materials used by our experts will be assigned to the objects in the scene, reflecting the client’s wishes and maintaining high visual reliability.

Food products are the most difficult 3D renderings to make because you have to be careful to reproduce the real characteristics of the product to keep its palatability intact.

3D RENDER: The photomontage

The photomontage is the integration of a 3D render into a digital photograph. We take photos of the environment of our interest or already made by the customer and then insert them into the elements created ad hoc to make improvements to the existing environment.

This process is used to preview how the final work will be, make the latest decisions based on the result, and evaluate its feasibility and impact.

It is a very useful and inexpensive technique and represents an effective way for companies to have an effective idea of what they are going to accomplish.


The 3D rendering can also be used in the medical field, organs and organic procedures can be reconstructed to illustrate the modus operandi of an operation or therapy.

Through the reconstruction of the human body, it is possible to show how the drug acts inside organs and tissues, and if it is a question of surgical operations, it is possible to reconstruct the path of the entire intervention, describing how the instrument acts on the patient.

It is also very useful for making pharmaceutical commercials or where the reconstruction of organs or parts of the human body is necessary to illustrate the procedure of medicine and its effect. The types of 3D renderings in the medical field are many and varied such as the visualization of medical-surgical products and their procedures for use, educational videos for the training of doctors, informative and informative videos for the patient, demonstration videos for sales support, 3D render animation for the explanation and operation of surgical and medical instruments and video realistic simulations with 3D graphics of surgical and medical procedures.

We can transmit in the video all the needs that the doctor needs to communicate, such as the simulation of complex scientific procedures, the simulation of organic and scientific mechanisms, the simulation of microscopic environments and organisms, reconstructing all the organic parts in 3D and creating the animations suitable for the type of explanation or simulation you want to create.


With 3D rendering we deal with the reconstruction of complex machinery and robots for the industry, the animation of the 3D render is created based on real simulations.

It is also possible to reconstruct a single part of the machinery to focus on a single section of the production process. The realization of industrial 3D renderings can help to better explain the steps that otherwise would remain only concepts. The 3D rendering explains the functions of the instrument well and allows a valid knowledge of it.

3D rendering lends itself to showing industrial and mechanical processes involving elements and materials that would not be possible to resume, such as sources of heat or gas. The same goes for machines that work at high speed and are therefore difficult to capture in detail.

3dmlstudio follows the customer’s needs in all the technical details for the creation of detailed 3D renderings of the mechanical operations of the product.


Most of the cars we see on TV are not real but they are nothing more than a 3D render model made on a computer. This choice is because the animation of a 3D render allows freer and more dynamic movements than traditional filming, and also the costs are considerably lower.

3dmlstudio also creates 3D renderings for the automotive sector to render the illustrative product, guarantee a better photographic rendering and a more effective image from an advertising point of view.


As in all sectors, an important project needs well-defined guidelines to be carried out in the best possible way:

Design and brief with the customer: it is the first phase of work in which ideas and needs are compared and the fundamental points on which to base all the subsequent work phases are identified. The customer has a very important role that allows us to define the details and the implementation of the 3D render.
3dmlstudio carries out projects in line with the client’s needs, always putting him first and guiding him in the choices based on his objectives.
Creation of promotional text: The creation of a good text is essential in the creation of a video that aims to impress the customer. If requested, we create a text that can summarize your expectations of success. Our team will think about creating a corporate or promotional text.
Choice of the speaker: our agency will provide you with the speaker that best suits your needs.
Storyboard: sketches and drawings are made representing the prototype that will be created and the relative animations if they are foreseen.
Three-dimensional realization: through internal brainstorming, we will begin to give shape to your ideas. Thanks to the use of specially created sketches and layouts we will evaluate what the next step will be for the realization.
Mapping: the materials are then mapped based on the information received.
3D Render: 3D solids begin to approach reality thanks to the use of advanced modeling techniques.
Post-production: the image is processed to improve its rendering and the audio is also processed and adapted to the project. Editing with effects and music if needed.




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