3d Rendering

3d rendering: from the project to the image

3dmlstudio‘s experience with 3D rendering was born from a specific need: to give substance to interior design projects to best present them to our customers. Later, the highly realistic quality of the three-dimensional models and materials, combined with the expertise acquired with dedicated software, made this tool a real alternative to photography.
The use of 3D satisfies both furniture companies, who want to recreate a setting for their products, as well as advertising and communication agencies that intend to take advantage of the advantages of computer graphics.
The rendering of extremely photorealistic images, combined with post-production and Architectural photomontage techniques, allows us to explore a wide range of solutions, in constant confrontation with the client’s requests.
The settings created vary from contemporary spaces to classic environments, to fantastic sets, with constant attention to detail, to architectural details, and to the materials used.
The variety of products that can be modeled and inserted in virtual environments is also very wide; thanks to new software and the experience gained, products such as upholstery, curtains, and carpets can be rendered photo-realistically like bathrooms, kitchens, and upholstery products.

The process of producing the images is focused on the continuous dialogue with the client, who follows the development of the project step by step and approves each phase before moving on to the next one, until the completion of the project with the delivery of the images ready to be used on any media, from high-resolution printing to the web.

The process of making our 3d renderings usually involves 5 phases:
• the creation of drafts to define the settings: the type of architecture and the distribution of the spaces are decided. It is the first confrontation with the client and lays the foundations for a linear project in which the guidelines are clear, so as to concentrate the energies on the quality of the final rendering of the images.
• a mood board for the choice of furnishings, materials, and colors: with the help of reference images, the furnishings, accessories, and color palette to be used in the 3D setting are defined
• low-resolution previews to check the performance of the materials and lighting: these are the previews that show the customer the actual rendering of the image, on which any last changes are made before switching to high resolution.
• the creation of the final images in high resolution: the renderer starts the calculation of the image at the resolution requested by the customer based on future use
• post-production: an important step to enhance the rendering characteristics, correct small imperfections, and balance colors.
Relying on 3dmlstudio for the production of photorealistic 3d renderings means having a team made up of interior designers, art directors, and 3d graphics professionals capable of developing creative and photorealistic projects, in compliance with the brief provided by the client.
From industrial design to furniture, from exhibit design to advertising, 3D rendering is essential to give shape to any project in which the image is the protagonist.

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