Architectural photomontage

PHOTOMONTAGE insertion: solutions between real and virtual

The photomontage is the technique that allows you to integrate images of different origins into a single final image. Whether it is photographic shots, 3d rendering, or a series of images obtained with different techniques, 3dmlstudio puts the photo insertion process at the complete disposal of the client’s project. The experience achieved by our team in the production of images, combined with the quality of modern technologies, allows us to support even the most ambitious projects.
Based on the objective agreed with the client, 3dmlstudio can satisfy both the request to integrate a virtual image in real settings (for example to evaluate the aesthetic impact of an element) as well as the desire to create new worlds and scenarios still to be to invent.

In particular, we create for you:
– Inserting a photograph into a 3d scene. This is perhaps the most common type of photo insertion. Especially useful for subjects that are difficult to reproduce in 3D or to set subjects in complicated or impossible settings. It can also be useful for the restyling of a photo already taken, of which you want to replace the surrounding environment of the subject portrayed.
– Inserting an image created in 3D within a photo. The classic example of this procedure is the photo insertion of a 3D building within a real context. Particularly useful in construction and urban planning, it also lends itself to other applications.

In each of these cases the rules for a good final image are the same:
– Clear ideas about the required result. A defined objective allows us to produce and / or select suitable images from the point of view of perspective and lighting. All to the advantage of a perfectly natural rendering of the final image.
– Accuracy in the creation of masks. The image contouring phase is crucial and must be carried out with the utmost care. Penalty the risk of betraying the credibility of the story we are telling by letting the upstream work leak out.
-Attention to shadows and reflections. The different elements in an image interact through these two aspects. This is why it is essential to collect all the information on this to make a correct and plausible photomontage. Both during the photo shoot and in the realization of the 3d renderings, the tricks to derive the shadows and reflections are a crucial part of the work. Carefully planning the light sources and the types of materials to be included in our image is an essential step.
– Pay attention to the color balance. It is the last phase of the post-production of the image, essential to standardize the different images that we have integrated to complete our project.
With perfectly photorealistic and very high definition results, we transfer the imagination to the level of reality.



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