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Design and Build a Modern House

Design and Build a Modern House

When you have to build a new house and reflect on the type of house you want, in most cases we think of Modern Houses because the Modern House is normally functional, technological, and fascinating both externally and internally. It must reflect the life of those who...

Lumion 12: the Animation Tools

Video clips and movies are crucial tools to make your clients live your design. It's not only the lights and materials  but also the narrative you create. It's the movement inside the space and the  perspective at human eye level that you as   an architect need to...

What is Autodesk Revit: much more than just a software

Autodesk Revit Architecture is a parametric program for architecture based on a particular platform called BIM (an acronym for Building Information Modeling): a complete system for the design and production of architectural documents that support all phases of the...

SEO Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2022

SEO Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2022

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization translated as search engine optimization, it is the set of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines, increasing organic traffic, and thus obtaining qualified contacts. If you have...

What does Web Designer do and how to become one?

Let's discover together the secrets of this digital work and let's answer together with the questions that many of you ask me on social networks: what does the web designer do? And above all, what should be studied? If you too have asked yourself these questions, read...


Whether it's engineering, automotive, product design, mechatronics, media, entertainment, scenography, cinema, fashion design, applied science, biomedical, the rule is always one: if you can't model it, you can't print it! 3D CAD modeling in a virtual design...



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