March 21, 2022

Design and Build a Modern House

When you have to build a new house and reflect on the type of house you want, in most cases we think of Modern Houses because the Modern House is normally functional, technological, and fascinating both externally and internally.

It must reflect the life of those who live there and can be customized and built based on the needs of the individual client. To obtain an excellent result, each design element must be chosen not only for the aesthetic aspect but also for its functional aspect.

We can then build a modern house with advanced, technological, and eco-sustainable methods. However, don’t make the mistake of imagining that modern houses are all the same. Although they are often characterized by large windows, flat roofs, open spaces, light colors, and scenic entrances, they are essentially different in that we can build them using different materials (stone cladding, exposed brick, wood, etc.).

The ideal house must be able to accommodate people for lunches and dinners, must have a study area, a private garden, away from the prying eyes of the neighbors, must have a large terrace and a swimming pool. Finally, the ideal home must express the personality of those who live there. It must always make you feel on vacation. The house is your point of reference, your starting point, but above all the place where you always want to return.

In addition, the exteriors reflect the same style proposed inside and can be quite simple.

From an aesthetic point of view, modern houses can be essentially distinguished between stone houses, brick houses, wooden houses, or houses in a mixed  finish

Here are some examples of modern houses that reflect the parameters of the modern house but which of course are very different from each other:

Modern Stone Houses
The charm that lasts over time
Modern houses made of stone or with stone cladding have a lasting charm.
Natural stone is perhaps the oldest known building material, used since prehistoric times as both a constructive and a decorative element. Stone is a natural material with great potential both for quality and aesthetics.

There are various options to give shape to your stone house, as well as an external cladding, stone can also be used as an internal cladding to better finish some internal details of the house.

Here are some inspirational images of Modern Homes in which stone is not only an integral part of the house but is also used to embellish entrances or porches

Modern wooden houses

The last frontier of contemporaneity.

Contrary to what has thought a few years ago about the use of wood, so tied to classicism, today it has become almost indispensable to create modern style apartments and villas, indeed it has become the last frontier of contemporaneity because a capable use of this element succeeds to give a touch of warmth to modern buildings.

In any case, it must be borne in mind that wood is a natural element, and is sought after for the construction of eco-sustainable and natural houses. In addition to being a good thermal insulator that allows you to retain heat in winter and cool in summer, it is suitable for processing according to different requests and can be used for various purposes. In practice, in a modern house, you will be faced with simple and essential wooden furniture, the wooden ceiling that contrasts with the colors and style of the rest of the environment.

Although wooden houses are an integral part of mountain or rural landscapes, their main purpose is to be able to isolate the internal temperature as much as possible. The latest designs offer solutions that go from the roof to the accessories, all in full respect of the environment and the ecosystem.

The wooden house is ecological, respects the environment, and is a healthy place to live, with significant savings on management and maintenance costs, especially on the cost of heating and cooling. In some cases, such as the passive house, the running costs are zero!

Prefabricated wooden houses

Speed ​​of execution and low costs.

The sector of modern prefabricated wooden houses is growing a lot thanks to the two axes in the hole of these types of construction: speed of execution and low costs. From an aesthetic point of view, they have recently made great strides, it is increasingly easier to find beautiful prefabricated houses with a modern and contemporary design, as well as functional and comfortable.

Prefabricated houses are homes that when well built allow great thermal and energy performance and low consumption, with consequent savings on bills and annual management costs. The prefabricated house must be bright with open spaces that enhance the spaciousness, with mezzanines and large windows overlooking the garden.


Ecological and eco-sustainable house.

What is that? When is a house eco-sustainable? Modern 21st-century homes are eco-friendly homes. An ecological and eco-sustainable house is by definition a house designed, built, and furnished in a way that favors the choice of natural materials, energy efficiency, the reduction of energy consumption, the use of renewable energy, and increasingly intelligent appliances. Eco-sustainability is the strong point of modern homes. The materials used for new buildings are fully respectful of the natural cycle because we try to get the most out of our homes and minimize waste.

Home automation

“Smart” Modern Home.

Today home automation can enter our homes directly to measure actual consumption and guide the user to intervene where it is most needed. In practice, the house becomes “intelligent” as the equipment and systems inside the house can perform partially autonomous functions. For example, an intelligent electrical system can self-regulate the switching on of household appliances in order not to exceed the threshold that would trigger the meter.

The Interiors of a Modern House

Open and bright spaces.

When designing a modern house, we are not limited to external aesthetics but also the interior spaces are designed in detail. Naturally, a modern house prefers open and bright spaces to give a greater sense of spatiality.

Each environment is up to the situation, everything is proportionate. The rooms are large and bright and all the furnishings, colors, materials, and finishes are chosen to create a comfortable environment. One of the emblematic elements of the concept of modernity is for example the island kitchen. Furthermore, another thing that often unites modern houses in the presence of a fireplace, is often reinterpreted in a very modern key that gives a particular note to modern living rooms.


Designing your Modern Home

Build your home with us

We are available to help you and follow you in all the phases necessary for the construction of your new home. We will advise you not only on the external organization of the house but also on the internal organization of the rooms.

We will then suggest to you the materials, colors, and finishes to use. Our online service allows you to define a design solution in 2D and 3D and then obtain all the tables to set up new construction.

We also have 4 Progetto Casa consultancy packages that allow you to be followed at various levels of design depth, according to your needs and budget!

What we recommend, to those who do not have clear ideas yet, is to start with a quick project idea in a plan to first define the square footage, floors, and environments and then later deepen and customize the project in all areas.



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