EXTERIOR Rendering

3dmlstudio provides customers with extremely photorealistic exterior renderings, intended for projects and presentations.

Exterior Renderings

External rendering
Indispensable tool in the sales phase
With external renderings, can an image processed on a computer seem truer than reality itself? Thanks to the photorealism of 3dmlstudio’s architectural renderings, yes. Presenting a project to potential buyers, when this is still being studied, is one of the most difficult undertakings for those who have to sell properties on paper, without yet having been completed or, in some cases, put into operation.
In fact, although this is the main purpose of architectural renderings, these projects obtained with photorealism also assume great importance for the presentation of the project to the urban planning commission, to facilitate its approval. Having a concrete idea of ​​how the area can be presented once the work has been completed and what the basic idea of ​​the designer is can determine an important emotional shot that can convince the other party to endorse the idea or, in case of customers, to invest in the project.
In a historical moment in which the laws on the environmental and landscape impact are increasingly stringent and in which the municipal administrations show a growing attention to the Environmental Impact Assessments on their territory, give them the opportunity to have a precise idea of ​​the project from different angles through photorealism is one more tool.

The transformation of a two-dimensional project into a three-dimensional one

The emotional design of an exterior architectural rendering

3dmlstudio, starting from the design data in two dimensions provided by the company, is able to develop a photorealistic representation of the area, giving concrete elements to show how it will look in the future after the completion of the project. Starting from a cold specification, 3dmlstudio creates an emotional reproduction of the area. With regard to architectural renderings and their effectiveness, the comparisons between the area in its current version and its transformation after the works are particularly useful. The impact and the obvious differences can be a very strong emotional factor.


Architectural exterior rendering: the context of a project
Photorealism as a project evaluation tool
Real estate agencies, architects, and construction companies are making increasing use of photorealism and architectural renderings, also because they allow customers to choose finishes and decorative elements in real-time. Thanks to the graphic processing software, in fact, every modification and every element added or removed materialize on the screen, thus giving the idea of ​​a photographic construction.
In photorealistic architectural renderings, the facades of buildings and buildings being designed are represented with a very high wealth of details, such that it is also possible (in some cases) to view the elements more closely to appreciate their definition and possibly request a modification. . However, the purpose of the architectural renderings of exteriors is also and above all to give an overall and contextualized view of the project.
The buildings under construction are inserted in the urban context that will host them and this too is graphically elaborated in such a way as to show how the area will change its face thanks to the implementation of the project. This is also and above all necessary because in many cases the planning commissions veto the implementation of the project, unless the company undertakes to implement redevelopment interventions as well, which may include works on public parks and on the area’s services.

External renderings for projects and presentations
3dmlstudio provides its customers with extremely photorealistic exterior renderings, intended for projects and presentations. The rendering of exteriors is a technique for producing 3D images which, if well done, are apparently indistinguishable from reality. Through the experience gained in the field of external and internal rendering, we create virtual settings with attention to the smallest details. A particularly useful tool for those who want to present architectural, urban planning or projects relating to outdoor installations. Contact us to receive information on external rendering or request a quote on renderings.
Exterior rendering for architecture, construction and real estate
One of the main applications of exterior rendering is the presentation of architectural projects. For an architect, the ability to see their ideas realized before even putting them into action is undoubtedly an essential advantage. The renderer translates our customers’ projects into images that are absolutely faithful to reality, accurate in every aspect, through the rendering of exteriors. This allows you to evaluate the concrete result of an idea, the distribution of volumes in space and the effect on the surrounding context. Valuable information that favors interventions and modifications or confirms the project during the presentation phase. Similarly, external rendering supports projects intended for construction, or the sale of properties with potential to be expressed. The customer can more easily perceive the value of a proposal when it is presented in an immediate and realistic way.

External rendering for urban projects
Another sector that can validly make use of exterior rendering is undoubtedly urban planning. The possibility of submitting a project to the town planning commission with a detailed prospectus of its implementation facilitates its understanding and approval. In fact, external rendering allows you to place a new building, existing only on paper, within an urban context. Or to simulate in a completely realistic way a new urban area, a building complex or a green space in the city. Thanks to the detailed rendering and image quality obtained with external rendering, it will be like being in front of a photo. In this way, it is possible to consider the environmental impact of a building or its effectiveness in revaluing an urban context with more relevance.
External renderings for restyling, renovations and sales
In addition to project approval, exterior rendering is a powerful sales tool. This is the case of real estate agencies or individuals who intend to sell a property to be renovated. The external rendering allows the buyer to see the actual potential of what is proposed. The same applies to external restyling, such as the inclusion of a swimming pool or a garden design proposal. Finally, the exterior rendering is very useful in presenting villas or buildings of future construction, the lots of which are already for sale. From outdoor settings for an event to exterior home design to wedding plannig, the exterior rendering is truly providential. An indispensable help to translate ideas into images and show them in the best way. For more information on the production of 3D rendered images or to request your rendering quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The best photorealistic exterior renderings for architecture
The external renderings show the future customer how his new home can be built. On this page you can find some examples of external renderings that we have made over the years, not all renderings are present on these pages for privacy reasons. The project takes place with the delivery of the material by the company or the architectural firm.
The use of these images is then useful in creating the construction site sign, where different points of view can be entered, or on the construction company’s website. Real estate agencies also benefit from these images as the sale of the property appears more fluid.
A concrete possibility consists in visualizing the finishes by an architect and construction company, evaluating in real time infinite possibilities of color and geometric as well as vegetation and street furniture. In this way, the building commission is promptly updated on possible variants, evaluating the possibility based on the law on environmental impact



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