May 16, 2022

Lumion 3d Graphics: How to use it? Versions, Prices, and Advantages.

3D rendering software: with Lumion 3d visualization is quick and easy
The innovative technology of Lumion 3d allows you,u to create photorealistic renderings, 3D video, and VR panoramas of high-quality CAD and BIM projects, quickly and easily. Let’s see how it works

Lumion is the fastest 3D rendering and visualization software for architects. It is an innovative, high-quality architectural visualization software, which makes it possible to create photorealistic renderings, 3D videos, and VR panoramas in real-time with impressive speed and simplicity. It is a tool that is aimed at those who want to create and view construction projects. It is capable of producing high-quality videos very quickly and is extremely easy to use. The software boasts users in over 60 countries around the world: architects, designers, engineers, BIM modelers, and universities.

This is why today it is considered the leading software in its sector, the program that redefined the process of creating 3D visualizations. It has also become an essential part of the BIM toolkit for many AEC professionals. Whether you are working with Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino, or other programs, Lumion can bring life to projects with realistic trees, style effects, and thousands of objects and materials from the content library. And all this instantly.

Lumion: How is it used?

No training is required to learn how to use Lumion. In a quarter of an hour, anyone can learn how to create 360-degree images, videos, and panoramas with incredible speed. The software fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and allows you to quickly transform 3D into 360-degree panoramic videos, images, and presentations. Allows you to add environments, materials, lights, objects, leaves, and effects. The software is very easy to use, in a very short time you take complete mastery of the program.

The customer needs to be involved. And what better way to do it than a high-quality presentation? Lumion is the right solution to speed up flythrough image and video production. The software allows you to improve projects, interact with customers, and shorten the preparation and waiting time for rendering. It boasts perfect interoperability with any CAD package. Thanks to ultra-fast rendering, it allows you to show projects to the customer very quickly.

The best software to use in architecture competitions: the use of Lumion 3D software

Lumion is a 3D modeling software designed and developed to help architects and designers improve their professional technical skills in 3D modeling software. Skills that often prove to be the trump card in participation in architecture competitions. 

Why can Lumion 3D help you win an online contest on GoPillar or convince a skeptical customer to entrust you with the design of his future home?

With this intuitive computer-aided design software, you can professionally render 3D models with realistic effects, add objects/materials from your library, create videos, and quickly produce 360-degree panoramic views. Among the main features of Lumion, we can find “Real Skies”, atmospheric settings, realistic materials, construction of scenes with one touch, and save groups.

Can I integrate Lumion with the use of other 3D modeling software?

Lumion integrates perfectly with much other existing software giving the possibility to create highly captivating realistic models thanks to the ability to import a wide range of modeling files in a few simple clicks.

Which version of Lumion 3D should I choose if I want to improve my participation in architectural competitions?

Lumion offers two different versions and is available as a network license. This means that you can install the software on multiple computers (be careful though: even if installed in network mode, you can only use it on one computer at a time. If you need additional users, you can add seats to your existing license at an additional cost).

Advantages of Lumion

Let’s see all the advantages of this software:

  • Anyone can use it
  • Lumion allows anyone to create videos and images without having to have specific training or courses behind them. It is a functional, intuitive, fast, and practical tool.
  • Compatibility
  • Lumion is compatible with all 3D design software programs, such as Revit, SketchUp, and ArchiCAD.
  • Speed
  • With the program you can modify the work in real-time. This saves time
  • Extensive content library
  • Thanks to the wonderful visual effects that the software includes in its vast library of contents, projects can be made “alive” and very realistic.





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