Designing a Loft with a mezzanine

Los Angeles

About Our project

The loft is a particular type of environment that has as its characteristic the use of unique environments and very high ceilings: usually we are talking about an abandoned industrial or commercial environment with a large surface area, with almost total absence of partitions. We therefore start from an open organization of the interior spaces. This space was designed for a single person, used to welcoming friends and therefore with the need for large leisure areas.

At the entrance, coat hangers with mirror and empty pockets. One way to properly delimit the entrance area.

Also in the entrance area, on the left side, there is a large equipped area, and in front of the kitchen area.
Kitchen in raw colors, except the SMEG refrigerator in a bright salmon pink. The same color was chosen for the coverings of the island’s stools, in front of which we find a dining table, for evenings with friends.
Behind the bookcase, which acts as a divider, we find the living area that I thought of as a playful and versatile space. In addition to having included an exhibition with the owner’s collection of autographed footballs, I tried to give movement with the sofa, which is made up of elements in many colors and all modular.
To complete, a collectible table football was added in the brightest area of ​​the living area.

Even the painting chosen has a playful character because the sense of the drops of color that “fall upwards” is deliberately overturned.

The door leads to the bathroom, very simple with shower and toilet.
As for the vanity area, a wall light was designed that recalls the industrial style of the entire house and for the one and only wall in front of the entrance I preferred to break the general hardness with pastel-colored cement tiles.

Leaving the bathroom on the right we find the stairs to access the sleeping area above the mezzanine.
Furthermore, positioned in this way, it is visible from both the lower and upper floors, creating a pleasant continuity to the Open Space typical of the Loft.

The bedroom consists of an open wardrobe at the end of the staircase so that it “disappears from the eye” if you look in the direction of the bed.
All the colors are dark shades in order to better create the suffused and collected effect typical of a bedroom in the evening, but which in a Loft is difficult to find given the wide open spaces.

Furniture and furnishing accessories always recall the Industrial Style, on the guidelines of the Bauhaus, but with a touch of modern, so that we understand that the Loft was commissioned for a young man, without however distorting the style.



For the renovation of a loft, the architect requested a complete and detailed rendering service for each sector of the home.

The Rendering project would have had the purpose of showing potential buyers the coordination of the furnishings and the particular scenography of a Loft.



Starting from the drawings in CAD format, we modeled the areas of the Loft.

Subsequently, the required furniture elements were modeled and inserted.

We then talked online with the designer to fine-tune the lighting to be used for each shot and to check the materials applied.

Given the quantity of frames to be created, we first performed low-resolution renderings to be submitted again to the architect.

After some tests and obtained the OK from the designer, we moved on to the final rendering in HD.

As a last step, we retouched the images in post-production.



This rendering service put us to the test mainly due to the quantity of images to be created and the details to model.

Thanks to rendering with a high emotional impact, the architect has positively surprised his client by enriching his professional image.