February 18, 2022

SEO Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2022

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization translated as search engine optimization, it is the set of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines, increasing organic traffic, and thus obtaining qualified contacts.

If you have found this blog, it is probably because you want to get a better idea of how to position a website on search engines, whether it is for your blog/site or for a client you may have created it for.

The goal of each website is to have well-qualified traffic that is targeted based on the sector you work in and the services and products you offer.

Being first on Google is the dream of many, but few in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive are to climb the heights of Google, which is why the role of search engine optimization is increasingly important.

SEO meaning and goals

SEO Google 3dmlstudio

The word SEO identifies that complex of practices aimed at increasing traffic on your website in order to improve the visibility of your brand, acquire authority in a sector and sell online and offline.

Search engine optimization is a discipline that interfaces with all the main areas of marketing. Those involved in SEO often interface with subjects such as:

  • Blogging: blogging means creating an industry blog, drawing up an editorial plan, publishing content constantly in line with the needs of your audience. The most established bloggers know and apply content optimization strategies.
  • SEO Copywriting: the subject that deals with the drafting of persuasive texts for both users and search engines, essential knowledge to place content on the network.
  • Digital Marketing: a generic term for web marketing in general, of which SEO is a part. Thanks to good SEO optimization you can improve the way your audience perceives you. I can say that SEO on Google is one of the most powerful tools available in Web Marketing.
    All these disciplines, combined with Search Engine Optimization, lead a blog or a site to be successful, so surely the skills of an SEO Consultant must be transversal and targeted in order to improve the ranking.

SEO Ranking Meaning

The ranking comes from English and means ranking, position or order, it is a word that is commonly used in digital language and refers to the evaluation that Google gives to a site to establish the positioning in the Google SERP, that is, in the organic results (not paid like ads) thanks to which you get traffic.

Where does SEO come from?
The history of optimization begins in the United States, in fact, this term is used for the first time in America when the first webmasters in the nineties optimized the first websites and thus began to talk about search engine optimizations.

The rules of the game at the time were different because there were few sites on the world wide web, so optimizing a site was a simpler operation.

In any case, the Webmasters realized the importance of this discipline and over the years the practices became more and more subtle and strategic, especially for keywords with high traffic volumes and important CPCs.

SEO locale, nazionale e internazionale

SEO Google first on google

Before starting with any research, tools, and content writing it is essential to understand what your positioning goal is to define the right strategies. A map that can help you find the right strategy.

Local SEO

Local SEO or Search SEO is the set of optimization activities that lead your website to achieve good visibility in a specific area, which usually coincides with the physical headquarters of the company.
In the case of Local SEO, there is a completely free Google program that allows you to create a personalized card with the most important data of your business.
The free Google My Business service is a good opportunity for all local businesses that want to increase qualified traffic to their site.
Google My Business site

National SEO

In national SEO, the level of complexity increases, because it often means competing with well-optimized websites (see in my sector), but obviously the return in terms of visibility and traffic also grows.
For local businesses it often doesn’t make sense to aim for this type of SEO optimization, it would be too much effort. If, on the other hand, you offer consultancy or services and you are not interested in the local aspect, you can aim for a national optimization on search engines.
As you can see in the example, the SEO Consultant keyword does not imply a specific geographical area, but extends to all of Italy and therefore will tend to compete with many more websites.

When to do SEO nationwide?

My advice is to dedicate yourself to this type of optimization when you are building a brand and want to become a leader in a certain sector. Also keep in mind that the greater the positioning difficulties, the greater the budgets to be evaluated.

International SEO

International SEO: composed of advanced Seo activities aimed at gaining positioning in multiple countries, the big food and clothing brands come to mind but also great Seo optimization experts who have positioned their sites for other markets as is the case by Neil Patel and his SEO Guide .
This always depends on your goals and what you want to achieve from the site.
Nothing is taken for granted, so I want to tell you that in all three cases if you want to achieve good results in the medium to long term, it is a good idea to contact a professional or even train yourself (or someone from your team ) so that you can dedicate yourself to this activity of marketing in a comprehensive (and effective) way.
In this Guide, you can get an excellent idea, get an overview, and start doing SEO optimizations on-page on your website.
Positioning on search engines
Many people who are approaching SEO for the first time ask themselves:









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