The characteristics of Exterior and Interior 3d Rendering and Architectural spaces

Render Architecture, discover the five types of renderings and improve your design skills. Modern architectural 3D rendering is an extremely competitive professional terrain, a trench where hundreds of architects and professionals clash every day and try to outdo each other.

As well as being a professional field where thousands of architects challenge each other daily to create the best 3d rendering, the architecture rendering sector is also a fertile ground for growing and sprouting different types of products.

Exterior 3D rendering

The main function of 3d exterior renderings is to help professionals sell projects and properties in development, even if the construction of the same has not yet been completed. In addition to being an effective sales tool, external renderings allow you to view an architecture or a shop inserted in their architectural space.

Using external renderings can lead to project approval during the presentations of the competitions of ideas or in urban planning commissions. Today the assessment of the environmental and landscape impact obtained thanks to Render is essential to obtain the approval of investors.

The 3D renderings of exteriors occupy the first position in this list since this type of rendering architecture is (probably) one of the most used in the sector. At present, there is no better way to show customers and collaborators the outside of a building.

This type of rendering is mainly used in the architecture and (rapidly growing) real estate sectors. Outdoor 3D visualizations help the designer to better communicate their ideas and therefore guarantee a higher approval rate than the competition.

Thanks to an external render it will be possible to show details such as texturing and lighting and the product that will be shown will therefore be extremely realistic.

A sensation that allows customers and investors to see the building with their own eyes well before construction is completed. In addition, customers, with an outdoor architecture render, can view the project from any angle, a feature that makes a difference in the presentation of a project.

Who requires exterior Render 3D?

Telling the architectural exteriors has very different characteristics compared to interior rendering. This type of service is widely used by agencies real estate, surveyors, and architectural firms, especially landscape architects.

External Render: Let’s talk about the great architectural spaces

The 3D renderings for exteriors are used to depict the exteriors of one or more buildings, shops, and landscapes, therefore telling the story of very large spaces through the creative composition of the image considering the aesthetics of the place and arranging the lights and actors in an original way.

A complete and professional rendering project is not limited to considering the interior spaces of a place but considers the architectural spaces that play harmoniously with the context in which they are installed. Comparisons between the area in its current version and its transformation after the works also highlight the differences between before and after, relying on a very strong emotional factor.

The use of 3D renderings for architecture

In the real estate sector, external renderings are usually printed in the creation of construction site billboards, where different points of view can be inserted, or on the construction company’s website. Real estate agencies also benefit from these images as the sale of the property appears more fluid.
A concrete possibility is to view the finishes by an architect and construction company, evaluating in real-time different possibilities of shapes and colors as well as green spaces and street furniture. Furthermore, the building commission can interact and integrate content on an ongoing and constant basis.

We realize external photorealistic rendering with high communicative impact

We create external renderings of the highest photorealistic quality.

The exterior rendering service from 3dmlstudio has revolutionized architecture and the real estate sector. With exterior rendering, it is possible to admire buildings of any type or scale before construction has even started.

With our external rendering services you can:

  • better study the details of your project,
  • sell your ideas and properties even before construction sites have started,
  • quick access to finance from investors,
  • easily obtain approval from the landscaping commissions and much more!

Every architecture has a soul, and it is up to us to capture it and transmit it emotionally through the images of architectural renderings.

Interior rendering

What begins on the outside is reflected on the inside. Just like the exterior, the interior of a house plays a crucial role in the sale and promotion of a project. The 3D visualization of the interiors is a fundamental type of rendering architecture to show the layout of the interior spaces of a building.

The photorealistic images allow designers to show the livability, unity, and breadth of the internal space to their customers and above all to do it in real-time.

Rendering Living room of the highest standard

Interior Rendering as a valuable marketing tool

Interior 3D renderings allow you to obtain an extremely realistic representation of a project. We do not limit ourselves to providing a realistic representation, but we give life to spaces through the techniques of 3D graphics and photo editing. The style that distinguishes us is characterized by a strong aesthetic sensitivity and a harmonious architectural composition.

Interior rendering for excite

We strongly believe that a 3D Render is not meant to illustrate a render project, but to represent an idea and increase its potential exponentially. Photorealistic rendering is the tool thanks to which let’s take a photo from the future for a project of the present, avoiding errors in the space management, the purchase of materials with wrong finishes, and lights that do not enhance the spaces, and the way we live them.

The advantages of rendering interior

3D designs are the most effective way to present designs and products and offer a great advantage as a representation tool. Thanks to the interior renderings, it is possible to easily contextualize furnishings, objects, and lighting. The interior rendering is not the search for photorealism and a banal digital reproduction of reality, but today it has partially rewritten its meaning in the search for visual solutions
which leave room for a greater creative component.


3d photomontage is the technique that allows viewing your architectural work in the urban and landscape context in which it will be realized.
Photo insertions are an important tool for completing a project proposal and for convincing clients. The comparisons between the area in its current version and its transformation after the works highlight the differences between before and after, relying on a very strong emotional factor.

A commercial tool

The photomontage is a powerful sales tool through which to include more real estate agencies or municipal administrations. Clients can participate and actively intervene making requests and suggesting changes from an early stage. The professional also benefits from this: he interacts more fluently with the customer, reduces work times, and avoids costly changes in progress and unpleasant delays in the implementation of the project.

An architectural project effective

Explaining an architectural project to the client is never simple and above all when you need to explain complex and material data to non-experts. This is the photomontage to help us to make a project understandable to all, making the presentation extremely descriptive and faithful to reality.

The photo insertion for I designers

The cost of 3D Render and Photo Insertions and 3D Render has a negligible cost when compared to the reach of an architectural project, but guarantees a great saving of economic resources
for the designer, for the client, or the final customer to whom it will be submitted. A shape of necessary savings that will help you sell the project better, explain it with fewer difficulties, and give more value to your ideas.

CG panoramas

The best way to show any place and bring the viewer to live an interactive experience in real-time at 360 degrees is to create a panoramic architectural rendering.

Panoramic renderings are currently one of the biggest trends in the world of architecture. The 360-degree panoramic renderings allow customers and investors to explore the place, experiencing its effect, examining every detail, and moving freely within the space.

3D animation

Creating a 3d animation is a way to make the images you create appear in the best possible light. Much more than a simple static image, a 3D animation allows the user to experience an immersive experience. Watching a project made in this way will give the impression, almost, of seeing a film.

Virtual tours

The last mode we want to talk to you about is that of virtual tours. A 3D virtual tour is the best way if you want to involve the user in an experience similar to that of a video game. The main objective with which this method is exploited is to promote and sell residential properties.

Today, most of the professionals experienced in rendering architecture consider virtual tours as the most engaging experience that can be offered to clients, collaborators, and financiers, and its targeted use allows real estate professionals to show potential clients, exactly how it will look. space once built.





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