March 28, 2022

The colorful and furnished floor plans

Colorful and furnished floor plans

The colored and furnished floor plans allow you to have a precise idea of the spaces of a home and to make tests on the positioning of the furniture. In the real estate market, they are widely used tools to best present properties for sale or rent. To have a real estate ad that is as complete as possible and that encourages interested parties to buy or rent an apartment, it is a good idea to add a detailed and realistic colored floor plan.

The colored floor plans help to identify the spaces and the subdivision of the rooms, providing a clear view of the dimensions and characteristics of a property.

Advantages of colored floor plans

Not everyone can grasp the potential of a property based exclusively on a classic cadastral plan, but with precise, legible, and colored drawings, identifying the spaces and the existing subdivision between the rooms becomes much easier, even for those who do not is an industry expert.

A colorful and furnished floor plan of the apartment gives added value to the real estate ad because it allows you to have concrete points of reference to then be able to choose any changes to be made. Having a space in front of you does not make orientation easy for those who want to buy the property. The possibility of having an example of furniture is a further help that can be given to interested people.

A further advantage is given by the inclusion of realistic textures and furnishings, also indicating the materials to be used. All this allows you to get an even more complete idea and therefore facilitate the purchase by those interested in the property. With a colored and detailed plan you can view the project and understand the distribution of the rooms, while with a cadastral plan, this is not possible.

Colored floor plans for the real estate market

The use of colored floor plans makes buying and selling a property easier and also the floor plan becomes an example of a project of how the house could become, allowing you to imagine what is not yet there. A room that was empty at the start is filled with all the details, from the furniture, to the lighting, to the furnishing accessories. It will be represented exactly as it will become once the work is done.

As previously mentioned, a cadastral plan is not easy to understand for those who are not in the sector and above all it does not make the ad attractive to those who want to buy. Instead, what will make your ad unique and particularly effective will be the possibility for the customer to imagine himself in the new spaces of his home. This feeling can be given only and exclusively by a detailed plan that includes colors and materials.

Characteristics of colored floor plans

The characteristic elements of the colored floor plans are represented by the presence of colors and accurate descriptions of the different environments, in many cases, complete with furnishings and textures that will realistically represent the appearance that walls and floors will have. Thus the need for an engaging floor plan that gives a detailed idea of ​​the spaces will see its perfect realization and will increase the chances that interest in the announcement increases and leads to a quick sale of the property.

A colored floor plan complete with furniture elements helps to have a perception of the measures available without having to personally take measurements to realize if the house meets your needs or not, as well as giving an idea on the choice of furniture style.

The colored floor plans are prepared in such a way as to capture the essence of the home and reflect as much as possible the personality of the living spaces. All this tailor-made work must have the ability to create a certain emotional involvement with the customer, only in this way can a successful project be achieved.






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