The catalog: the history of your company

A catalog is a valuable tool for presenting a brand and its products. It is not just a list of articles, but a means of communication that, if used well, can tell a lot about a company’s brand identity and affect its positioning. The catalog includes detailed information which elsewhere is omitted for the sake of synthesis. Technical characteristics of each product, specific features, and accurate descriptions that illustrate in more detail any strengths. But, even more than data and words, it is the visual impact that speaks to those who browse a company catalog. The graphic aspect, the design choices, the professional attention to photography arouse irrational emotions that affect the user’s final judgment.

In addition to the illustrative images of the products, therefore, it is the visual as a whole that makes the difference. A coordinated image that lets a particular idea of ​​the brand and its personality emerge in the customer’s mind. This is why it must be carefully studied and declined in graphic solutions of impeccable quality. Penalty the risk of compromising the authority of the brand with an impression of neglect and approximation.

3dmlstudio develops proposals for highly customized catalogs, from graphic design to the execution phase, up to print finishes. From the product catalog to the company brochures, we design and create tailor-made solutions for the customer’s needs.

In particular:
– Study of the brand identity and a coordinated image to be declined in the different communication tools of the company. The analysis of the personality of a brand and the creation of coherent graphics are fundamental steps to reaching your target. A tool to make both the brand and the presentation of its products or services recognizable and effective.

– Realization of still life and highly professional product photographs. This service includes any photo editing and post-production phase. For an ideal presentation of the products, no detail is overlooked.
– Writing of texts aimed at the description of the products or at the storytelling of the brand identity. According to the type of catalog, we develop technical and/or emotional contents to complement the graphic presentation.
– Translations. We translate texts and datasheets for multilingual catalogs.
– Layout and advice on the most suitable materials for printing. Also, in this case, we suggest the most suitable solutions to express the brand identity, always taking into account the available budget.
– Review and finalization. We take care of all the post-production phases for fine-tuning the image and layout.
By discussing with the customer at every stage, we make sure that the final product fully satisfies his requests.



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